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SHIPPING & RETURNS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Orders are processed in the order in which we receive them. We are based in the Pacific Time Zone, so even though we have multiple warehouses in different time zones, the time of day at which your order is placed will have an effect on processing and shipping times. Some orders placed before 10am PST may ship that same day. Other than that, most orders will ship within 24 hours (sometimes within 48 hours depending on the time of day that you place the order and your geographic location) Monday through Friday, unless there is some unforseen problem with your order such as:

1. Your order is placed just prior to, or on a, holiday.
2. Your order is placed just prior to, or during, a scheduled, or unscheduled, closure of our facilities.
3. Your order is large, requires panels to be laminated, or requires special fabrication.
4. We are waiting on you for some additional payment for shipping, or order add-ons.
5. We are waiting on further information from you for some reason. 
6. Any other unforeseen delay.

We are not responsible for scheduling, or delays, in the shipping process once your order has left our facilities.

Whenever possible, items will be shipped in one shipment to maximize cost savings. We make no guarantees as to delivery dates. If you need an order in an expedited manner then you may request, and pay, for such expedited shipping such as UPS or FedEx Next-Day or 2nd-Day Delivery. However, we are not responsible for delays in expedited shipping once your order has been picked up by the carrier.


So, just to re-cap . . . generally, items will ship within 24-48 business hours (Mon-Fri), unless expedited delivery is requested by you, one of the above-listed delay rules applies, or we are playing golf.

Once Your Order Is Placed There Are 3 Levels Of Status Regarding Your Order That You Will Receive Notification Emails For: 

1. Awaiting Fulfillment - this means that the order has been placed, but has not been processed to the warehouse yet.
2. Awaiting Shipment (not "Ready To Ship" or "Sitting On The Dock Waiting To Be Picked Up By UPS") - this means that the order has       been processed to the warehouse for pulling and packaging to be shipped. Custom orders, or made-to-order cases and kits could remain     in the "Awaiting Shipment" mode for an extended period of time depending on the particular order. 
3. Shipped - it's been picked up by the carrier and is on its way. 


We actually set it up for what's best for us . . . however, lucky for you it also turns out that it ends up being what's best for you as well . . . pretty cool huh?

- CD's, DVD's, Clothing Items, Gear and Printed Materials 

We provide the most cost-effective means for our customers by using the USPS (United States Postal Service), UPS and FedEx. 



We generally don't get too distraught over shipping costs . . . pretty much due to the fact that we don't pay them . . . however, you pay them and we will always do whatever we can to get you the best rates we can (best for you, not us or the carrier) . . .

As discussed above, shipping costs depend on the items ordered, the options you choose, the size and weight of items, the quantities of items selected, and where the order is going. It's really not too complicated. Under normal circumstances you will be able to estimate shipping costs by placing items in your cart and then proceeding to checkout.


Orders ship from the west coast (USA). Orders are processed at our Las Vegas corporate offices, so depending on what time of day an order is received, it may ship that same day, but certainly within 24 hours, barring any unforseen delays. 

We do facilitate expedited shipping. However, due to the varying degrees of weights and dimensions of our parts and materials, expedited shipping is calculated manually on a per-order basis to be sure that the cost is accurate. There are two options for making payment on expedited shipping: 

1. Use your own UPS or FedEx account number to bill the shipment to by following these steps: 

   - Provide one of these two codes in the Coupon Code box during checkout: 

           UPS Coupon Code: CustomerUPS 

           FedEx Coupon Code: CustomerFedEx 

   The Coupon Code will minus out the visibe shipping cost when you submit the order. 

   Coupon Codes ARE case sensitive, so be sure and type the code exactly as seen above, or simply copy & paste it. 

Also be sure and specify UPS or FedEX, along with your account number, in the Oder Comments section as well, letting us know that      you want the shipment billed to your account.


2. We will create a shipping payment item in our Shipping Central  section once we know what is going to be in the order.  

Thant's all there is to it!


Acts of God are pretty much beyond our control for the most part . . . everything else is pretty much your fault . . . 

Please understand that delays in shipping may occur for a variety of reasons such as weather, product unavailability, carrier selection, but many times also on the part of our customers. It is important that you provide us with the proper contact information and promptly reply to any phone calls or e-mails in the event that we contact you regarding shipping matters and options.

Another common problem is that an order may simply be undeliverable for a variety of reasons such as:

Incorrect Address. (your fault) If the address is incorrect or outdated, the package is typically returned to us by the carrier or the unintended recipient. Please double-check your address carefully when placing a new order.

Carrier Does Not Deliver to the Address. (your fault) UPS DOES NOT deliver to PO Boxes. You must provide a valid street address even if you use a PO Box for mail. You can specify any instructions in the order comments.

Failed Delivery Attempts. (your fault) USPS will almost always make multiple attempts to deliver a package, or will leave a notice regarding their attempt to deliver, and instructions for options on how to retrieve your package(s). Packages that contain certain large dollar amounts of merchandise will almost always require a signature no matter what carrier is used. Freight/common carrier deliveries will always require someone be present and sign for the delivery. These carriers almost always contact you to set up a delivery confirmation and time frame so that someone can be present to meet them. In any other circumstance, it is generally up to the driver's discretion to determine whether a signature is required. If the driver feels it is best to obtain a signature and no one is present to accept the delivery, then a notice will be left as to your options.


Trusting your neighbors or some passer-by to not snatch up your package that is sitting out in the open is like leaving your wallet on the counter in a public restroom and expecting to see it again . . .

There is nothing that we can do about this. One customer sent us an email saying, "I didn't ship the stuff. Since you shipped the order on your UPS account, shouldn't you deal with UPS and find my package or send me a new shipment free of charge?"

No, and no. Since the package was delivered, there is nothing more that can be done. It is common policy for UPS to leave a package at the door if there is no one to accept it, unless a "signature required" factor has been implemented PRIOR TO SHIPMENT AT THE TIME OF ORDER. Soooooo, always make sure to have your order shipped to a location where someone will be present to accept it, or you are comfortable with having pckages left if no one is available. 

If your UPS order was delivered, and a delivery confirmation has been entered into the tracking information, then you should try to get in contact with the driver for your route to make sure that he left it at the correct location. If he did not (and was willing to admit it) then UPS would be responsible. If he in fact left it at your door then UPS is not responsible for the package once it has been left, anymore than we are responsible once it has left our warehouse in the possession of UPS.

A UPS Lost Package Claim does not apply to a package that was actually delivered. It only applies to packages that are delayed, lost, or vanish altogether PRIOR to any delivery. If a Delivery Confirmation and a Proof of Delivery at the proper location is associated with your package(s), then most likely your stuff was stolen. This is why you should make sure your packages are delivered some place where someone will be available to accept them, or request that the delivery must be signed for AT THE TIME YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER

Of course, if the package was never delivered, and is missing in action, we would certainly file a claim with UPS, and in the meantime send you another shipment at no cost to you once we have determined that the package is lost forever, however we have yet to ever see this happen with the thousands of shipments we have sent since we have been in business.


Expecting us to eat the loss on items damaged in shipment due to no fault of our own is like expecting us to pay child support for a pregnancy related to your one-night stand . . .

ITEMS DAMAGED IN TRANSIT (meaning from the time it leaves our docks until the time it reaches your eager awaiting hands) is not our fault and we can not be held responsible for carriers that abuse your product during shiment. We do not ship damaged merchandise. The shipping carrier is responsible.

 We get charged for refused & returned shipments, and this will afect how we handle your replacement scenario - so please follow the steps below regarding damage to shipmets! 

You must follow the procedures listed below. 

Here is what you should do in the event that you receive damaged items:

1. Contact USPS, UPS or FedEx, and file a claim.
2. If you are present at the time of delivery, be sure and have the driver document any damage.
3. Also contact us immediately and we will also see what we can do to help.
4. Take photos of the damaged items AND packaging and email them to us right away.
4. Keep the damaged items AND packaging for carrier inspectors to look at if they need to investigate the damage.

If possible, we will make every attempt to get replacement items to you asap via the same method of shipment that you originally paid for. There will be NO  expedited shipping on replacement items unless you request and pay for it. The damage wasn't our fault, so we will not eat the expense of expedited shipping (again . . . see the one-night stand pregnancy reminder above).


If we  screw up, we'll fix things at no expense to you. However, if we do it right, then you need to do it right by requesting returns and getting them pre-authorized by us . . . 

We will take every measure to accommodate you as a valued customer. If you receive the wrong item(s) due to our error, we will gladly provide you with a pre-paid return shipping label for the item(s) and replace the item(s) at no expense to you ASAP.  

You MUST contact us first before returning ANY item, and obtain an RA (Return Authorization)  number. ANY item returned to us without an RA number will be refused and returned to you at your expense. The return procedure will be explained to you when you receive your RA number. You must also return items in their original UNDAMAGED packaging. It is a very simple process.

We will also work with you in any way possible to satisfy you, as we value your business and you as a customer. However, we will not be taken advantage of. We know all the tricks, so don't think you can simply take a hammer to an item for the sake of returning it and getting a refund if you actually order incorrectly or simply changed your mind. All items originate with us, and are thoroughly inspected prior to shipment at all locations. We don't send out damaged goods. Therefore, if you decide to return items simply because you decide you dont want/need them, or you ordered a part that does not work, or fit, the way you thought it would, then you will be subject to the following:

- Return Authorization must be requested within 15 days of your order's shipping date, or Will Call pickup date.
- A 25% re-stocking fee (this also includes orders that are processed, packaged, and staged for shipping, and then canceled). Re-stocking fees compensate for labor required for unpackaging, inspection for re-stocking approval, and the actual re-stocking within the warehouse. 
- Responsibility for any return shipping costs.
- Forfeit of the entire original shipping cost on your invoice.
- Partial Forfeit of the original shipping fee on your invoice based on the cost to ship the item(s) (if you return/reject a portion of the shipment).
- Forfeit of the actual shipping cost if your order shipped with FREE shipping (it still actually costs us to ship it even though we may offer free shipping as an incentive or as a kind gesture for doing business with us).
Refusing A Shipment delivered on your end as a means of cancelling your order, or requesting an order cancellation while it is already enroute to you, will be subject to all of the above plus an additional 15% cancellation fee.
- Returned items must be shipped via a method which has a tracking number. The tracking number must be provided to us at the time that you ship the package.

- Items That Will Not Be Accepted For Return Or Refund: 

- CD's or DVD's (anyone can gain access to a shrink-wrap machine, so "But it's UN-OPENED" won't fly with us). All sales are final on DVD's.
- Printed materials (see line above . . . also think "copy machine"). All sales are final on printed materials.
- Any item not returned in its original packaging without our approval.
- Downloaded videos, digital music, or PDF documents.
- Any item damaged in transit (contact the carrier).
- Any item not returned in the condition it was in when it left our docks.
- Orders that "didn't get to you fast enough." We make no guarantees regarding  
  delivery dates. If you require expedited shipments, then you must request, and
  pay for, such expedited shipping at the time you place your order. Delays in such
  such expedited shipping are not our responsibility once in the hands of the carrier.
- Any clothing items that have been opened from the sealed bag.
- Any items made to order.
- Any brain fart on your part. 


Everything is encrypted on our end, so we do not actually see the payment information for transactions created through the automated process with the online store. Therefore, we do not know if customers actually used a credit card, checking account debit card or their own PayPal accout to make the payment. Refunds processed on our end are funds reversed back to the payment method that customers used to make the purchase. 

Refunds for paymants made with PayPal, or checking account debit cards, will show up on an individual's PayPal account or checking account almost immediately, or at least within 12-24 hours depending on a bank's operating protocol regarding holidays or weekends. Refunds for payments made with an actual credit card account can show up on those accounts anytime between the time of the refund up until the next billing statement is generated and mailed out to the customer, since the funds on a credit card account are not actual cash dollars like funds in checking accounts or PayPal accounts. 

For anything not covered here, please contact us and we'll see what we can do . . . but don't hold your breath . . .


We will contact you regrding shipping cost once your order has been placed. It is impossible for the automatic online store calculator to accurately determine shipping costs internationally. If you must know the shipping cost prior to placing an order, please contact us and find out what your shipping cost will be. We will then create a shipping payment item that you can place into the shopping cart with your items.



If you experience any problems ordering CD's, DVD's, Digital Music, or PDF Documents from our online store, please contact me at sales@kicktommy.com.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Best wishes, 

Jonathan Beacon 
Sales & Merchandising Manager 
Kick Tommy Store 
213-341-0026 Ext.707


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